So we got to work on just writing. We figured we would let the book speak for itself and leave it to you, the reader, to decide where on your shelf it belongs. While I may not be able to tell you EXACTLY what the book is - I’m hoping it will be something very unique to each person who reads it - I can tell you what it isn’t. This book is not an autobiography. Not in the traditional sense, anyways. When narrowing down what would make the cut, I had zero desire to relive every detail of my life chronologically in these pages from baby to boardroom. You can also rest assured I won’t be lecturing you about the formal etiquette of business practice or attempt to counsel you on every aspect of the corporate climb. And I’m certainly not a doctor, so if you’re looking for statistics or a simple prescription for success, you won’t find it here.

Think of these pages instead as the greatest hits of my journey so far – from good to bad to life altering. These are the moments in time and lessons of my life that have afforded me the hard-earned wisdom that I now look to share with you. I’m no exception to the rule, and that’s the point. Just like Tony stood on that stage and inspired me with his honesty and humility, it’s my greatest wish that this book, and the lessons within it, might connect with you in some similar way. Through my personal experiences and the guiding principles I’ve shared here, I hope these pages serve to inspire and illuminate you to the limitless potential of your own life.

For myself, the most important feature of this book was that it be honest. I began this project with the primary goal of connecting with others in mind, and I truly believe the philosophies I’ve shared go beyond any industry or demographic. This is, quite simply, an honest collection of life lessons from someone who knows the benefit in passing it forward. Read it cover to cover, or skip ahead to whatever strikes you the most – and when you’re done, I hope you find yourself inspired to add the next chapter to your own story.

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