Like everything else on my journey, the concept and creation of this book was anything but smooth sailing. Knowing I would need the help of a writer in getting my thoughts out onto paper, I did my best to connect with the writers assigned to me – yes, you read that right, writers, as in, more than one. But without that necessary connection, that real joining of minds, it just wasn’t working.

Ultimately, I would have to seek out my own writer and go to battle on my vision before the pages of this book could be written. Everyone on board had good intentions, but I needed to be absolutely clear about what it is I wanted from this book, and what is it I didn’t - which I quickly discovered, is easier said than written.

Then there was the matter of determining what genre the book would fit into. This was far from easy! How do you define your journey? How do you take your life’s lessons and decide where on the shelf they belong? Business? Biography? Self-help? I couldn’t choose. To be honest, my life has been anything but neat or pre-packaged, and the last thing I wanted for this book was to force it into a mold that God knows I never fit into myself.

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