We were in the zone as we chatted about business and life, and I shared with the audience how it is that I came to be at my first Tony Robbins show over 20 years ago. The audience was into it; they wanted to hear more! Feeling my comfort level rise, I was connecting with the room - feeling as though these people could really relate to what I was saying. Being on stage speaking to countless strangers wasn’t second nature, but passing on my experiences and sharing my lessons with others just felt right.

That day was one for the books as I faced yet another fear and found myself completely at ease – all while completely outside of my comfort zone – speaking in front of thousands of people.               

I remember the moment when Tony finally arrived. As I went into my introduction, his video started up on the screens behind me, and the lights dimmed. It was then that Tony walked over to me, larger than life, shook my hand and said, “Great intro, Vivian.”

That day had such an impact on me, and apparently, on others as well. Soon after the event, I began to receive emails and phone calls from people who wanted to know more about my story, people who wanted to know who I was. The event organizer had asked if I would be open to sharing my contact information with any attendees that might want to get in touch after the show. Of course, I was happy to do so, but I never expected the response that I got! I was floored – and completely flattered – to hear that my words had resonated with so many people.

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